Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Care Package for Uncle Stephen

We recently sent Peanut's Uncle Stephen a care package of goodies for his birthday. He moved to Okinawa this past summer, so we didn't know what he'd like or needed in Japan. So we asked him. This is what he asked for:

Organic beef jerky from Whole Foods - delicious, healthy, and tons of protein for those muscles (but be warned - at $7.99 for 3oz, it adds up fast). He likes the peppered flavor. My personal favorite is the peppered turkey jerky (the original flavor is a close second).

a good shower curtain (we like and sent this one (same as the one we use) from Bed Bath & Beyond),

lots of old movies. It turns out that Netflix can't be streamed online overseas! So we went to Big Lots and picked a dozen movies from their $3 and $5 bin. Walmart also has a $5 movie bin,

and last but not least, some colorful short-sleeve polo shirts. Mike's favorite polos are from Uniqlo. They fit well and are inexpensive, especially when they're on sale!

Images from {here, here, here, and here}.

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